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Our tailor-made luxury holidays in France take you to Chamonix and the mythic Mont-Blanc that reigns over the Alps and dominates all of Europe from its 4810 meters above sea level, surrounded by illustrious peaks such as the Grandes Jorasse, the Dent du Géant, the Drus and the Aiguille du Midi. Since the 18th century, these giants have sparked dreams and challenges and written the history of men and women fascinated by the beauty of these massifs. They are the ones who forged the history of the entire valley, in particular that of Chamonix, a former quiet village surrounded by gigantic glaciers, which fascinated the first visitors in the 18th century. But it was the stay of Napoleon III and his wife Eugenie, who came to praise the merits of the Savoy’s rapprochement with France, that marked the beginning of a golden age of tourism and the meteoric growth of Chamonix.
Accompanied by a caravan of guides, they enjoyed the pleasures of the mountain by going to the Mer de Glace where Eugenie took a few steps and brought back a dazzled memory. This moment, immortalized by an exceptional photo, will change the face of Chamonix which then attracted a wealthy clientele who came to discover the charm of summer tourism in the high mountains. The village is then adorned with many restaurants and shops, a casino and four luxury palaces. At the start of the 20th century, wealthy tourists discovered winter sports and in 1924 attended the very first Olympic Winter Games here in Chamonix. An event!
Since his first ascent in 1786 by Doctor Michel Paccard led by the guide Jacques Balmat, who will also take Marie Paradis in 1808, the first woman to climb the summit of Mont-Blanc, many guides have distinguished themselves in Chamonix like the famous writer Roger Frison-Roche.
Once at its summit, you have the most outstanding view over France, Switzerland, the Alps and Italy. Many are the ones that the mythical summit continues to make dream of and if it is absolutely imperative to be accompanied with the best guides, it is also strongly recommended not to overestimate your capacities, the ascent of Mont Blanc being a real challenge which requires an excellent physical condition and good aptitudes to evolve in rocky and glacial terrain.

To prepare for it, we offer as a preamble, a discovery of mountaineering with an altitude run for acclimatization and a valley climbing school to polish your technique in rocky terrain before embarking on this adventure.

While traveling to Chamonix, other less sporting attractions are unmissable, such as the Montenvers train, a historic railway line along a spectacular route.
For a century, the little cogwheel train has taken travelers to Montenvers station, at an altitude of over 1900 m, to the Mer de Glace. The beauty of the site will leave you speechless. Facing you, descending the northern slope of Mont Blanc, the Mer de Glace, the largest glacier of Mont-Blanc, the Drus and the Aiguille Verte and all alone in this majestic setting, for nearly 150 years, the Grand hotel du Montenvers, designed at the time as a large refined chalet intended for a wealthy clientele.
From Montenvers station, a cable car takes you down to the level where the glacier was located in 1946. It is since this date that the Mer de Glace cave has been dug every year, an attraction with sounds, lights and ice sculptures. which attracts many visitors.
Today, the Mer de Glace has become an emblematic witness to climate change. It is the focus of all eyes and stirs up new and major ecological and scientific issues. The background of the Mer de Glace recedes to the point of threatening the disappearance of the famous cave sculpted inside.

Leaving the Montenvers cable car, a long staircase runs along the granite cliff. At the end of a few steps, a sign indicates: “level of the glacier in 1985”. You have to bend down to see the ice, a hundred meters below, almost invisible under the heap of gray rocks that it carries year after year.
Fifty steps lower take you to the year 1990. Then the descent continues as the glacier melts, with an acceleration in the 2000s. After the last panel, that of 2010, it is still necessary to descend 70 steps before setting foot on the ice.
On the Montenvers site, the Glaciorium is an interpretation center to answer any questions you may have when you are facing a glacier like the Mer de Glace.
A snowshoe trip on the Mer de Glace is of course possible in the company of a guide who will take you to discover this magical world.

Another exceptional site located at an altitude of 3,842 m is the Aiguille du Midi at the top of the monumental cable car arrival station. It is a huge antenna because the Aiguille du Midi is home to the epicenter of terrestrial broadcasts in France. Its terrace offers a panorama on all the main peaks over 4000 m in the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.
But if the place attracts crowds, it is because the Aiguille du Midi is also the starting point for the ascent of Mont-Blanc via the three Mountains, (two summits before reaching Mont-Blanc being the Mont-Blanc du Tacul and Mont Maudit), and towards the mythical Vallée Blanche, a very famous off-piste, the opportunity for the most daring to set off on new adventures.

For a more serene but no less exhilarating adventure that will deliver intense sensations, an elevator takes you from the summit terrace to the upper platform where an entirely glazed box awaits you, the Pas dans le Vide, a safe and unmissable experience. Here, the gaze embraces the highest peaks in Western Europe and the Bossons glacier which offers the largest glacial drop in the world of almost 3370m (4810m – 1440m).
You can continue your extraordinary journey over the glaciers between the Aiguille du Midi and Pointe Helbronner in Italy by taking the Panoramic Mont-Blanc cable car.


We have no fixed itinerary, because at In-Luxe Travel France, true luxury follows no one else but you and combines rarity, knowledge, know-how, intuition. Take these itineraries as simply suggestions for the kind of holiday you might have in Auvergne, the Rhône Valley and the Alps.



Enjoy a unique feeling of freedom in total immersion in the Tarentaise Valley, at the gates of the Vanoise National Park, admire the most fascinating views while pedaling on a unique bike tour in France. You will make stops on incredible beautiful balcony sections offering the most breathtaking views of Mont Blanc with its 4,810 meters as well as some of the largest peaks in the Western Alps.

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Abandon yourself to the romanticism of the lakes at the heart of Savoy; let yourself be charmed by some prestigious villages; experience the disturbing encounter with the mythical Mont-Blanc. Enter the Chamonix valley and discover the best that the Alps have to offer. Chamonix, the legendary ski resort in winter, and at all times, a resplendent….

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What you shouldn’t miss to see and do while traveling to Chamonix

France Alps Chamonix Tour du Mont_Blanc hiking. Luxury Holidays with In-Luxe Travel France, The luxury bespoke holidays in France specialist since 2007

Hike half or all of the legendary Tour du Mont-Blanc

Guided by our mountain professionals, during 5 or 10 days, hike through the Val Montjoie, the sumptuous landscapes of Beaufortain, the magnificent balcony of the Aosta Valley to the Grand Col Ferret, border between Italy and Switzerland, the Trient valley towards the Chamonix valley, with comfort adapted to your needs.

France Alps Chamonix Mont-Blanc Aiguille du Midi cable car. Luxury Holidays with In-Luxe Travel France, The luxury bespoke holidays in France specialist since 2007

Take the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi and step into the Void

Here you are, at an altitude of 3,842 meters, in the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif. The 360 ​​° panoramic view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps and, in the center, Mont-Blanc is even more wonderful than you can imagine. Then take an elevator and enter a glass box suspended above more than 1000 meters of void.

France Alps Chamonix Mont_Blanc Lake des Chèserys, Lake Blanc hike. Luxury Holidays with In-Luxe Travel France, The luxury bespoke holidays in France specialist since 2007

Lacs des Chéserys and Lac Blanc: an exceptional hike

To get there, several routes are possible. The Col des Montets, which begins with short laces leading you to the Grand Balcon Sud, its promontory on the Argentière Glacier and its magnificent view of the Mont-Blanc range or that of Tré-le-Champ, passing by a series of ladders near the imposing Aiguillette d’Argentière are the more sporty. An effort rewarded by a 360 ° panorama of the entire Mont-Blanc massif, the Aiguilles Rouges and the Mont-Blanc massif reflected in the limpid water of the lakes. Magic !


In Luxe Travel France excells at planning the most refined and inspired travel experiences. Together with our extensive network of local experts, we deliver life-changing trips to you. Get in touch with us.

Mont-Blanc Helicopter Tour Luxury holidays in Chamonix Mont-Blanc Alps France with In Luxe Travel France

Fly Into the Heart of Mont-Blanc Massif

Dive into the heart of the majestic Mont-Blanc massif, flirt with the peaks, live for a moment the mountain in its pure state. A once in a lifetime experience !

Mont-Blanc Helicopter Tour Luxury holidays in Chamonix Mont-Blanc Alps France with In Luxe Travel France


Explore the high-mountain environment like climbers from accross the world with or without mountaineering and rock climbing experience. We organize your trip to meet your specific needs.

Mont-Blanc Helicopter Tour Luxury holidays in Chamonix Mont-Blanc Alps France with In Luxe Travel France


Trek around the Mont Blanc Massif, spend nights in mountain huts to soak up the mountain atmosphere and the local food culture. Learn about the history of the valleys and their people.

Anncy Gastronomic experience Luxury holidays in Annecy Alps France with In Luxe Travel France


Four MOFs (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and four Michelin-starred chefs to taste the typical dishes of the region and the lake with your feet in the water and your head in the mountains.

Anncy Gastronomic experience Luxury holidays in Annecy Alps France with In Luxe Travel France


Live a unique experience on the most elegant boat in the world. These “Rolls-Royce of the seas” have always seduced celebrities. Live an unforgettable moment of Dolce Vita through this luxury experience on Annecy Lake.


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