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You plan to travel with your whole family with little kids, grown-up, eldest ? At In-Luxe Travel France, we create the perfect family trip in France for you and your loved ones. No matter who is part of your team, we always want to know who you are to design the trip around you and all the people travelling with you.
Travelling solo ? Discovering new places, new cultures, new mindsets affects one’s life in a very deep way. Things you learn during a trip in solo are never lost and will without doubt be incorporated into your life back home. The time has come for you to do something you wanted to do for many years and /or learn more about you. At In-Luxe Travel France, we design you trip with solo travellers in mind.





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France is so remarkably diverse, offering towering mountains, lush river valleys and gorges, and bucolic rolling hills covered in vineyards. Its varied coastline also hides so many secret beaches with crystal clear waters, sandy coast, beaches lined with cliffs and dunes. From Paris’ rich heritage to hidden medieval villages there’s plenty exploration to be done. At In-Luxe Travel France we have traveled extensively in our regions and we can handcraft the perfect experience based on what you want and nothing more. We will make you discover the most bewitching destinations in France to visit in your lifetime in the most personalized way, by train, car, boat, or on foot and make you fall in love with French gastronomy, culture and history.

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Luxury boat trip, yacht trip in the South France

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Unique Experiences

Looking for an unconventional way of travelling ? We craft a mind-blowing trip according to who you are. We plan every detail of the trip in France according to your desires and needs but where you’ll go, what you’ll be doing, who you’ll meet is kept secret. Our Blind Journey is a unique way to deeply immerse yourself in the surroundings while living an incredible travel experience in France.
Admiring the blue sky or the starry night in a chic high mountain yurt tent or a bubble room is an elite a la carte adventure we offer. At In- Luxe Travel France, we provide a personal look at luxury under the stars in the most remote and beautiful corners of France.
Need to rebalance your life, reconnect to yourself, relieve emotional stress ? We draw the perfect program around your personal needs and goals in a perfect, serene backdrop.

Don't know where to go in France ? Choose our luxury bind experience


Experience the perfect bivouac, luxury camp in France


Reset your mind in France during a luxury holiday

Change your mindset

Blind Journey

Explore new places in France you might never have gone to. The itinerary is kept secret until you arrive in France and is revealed little by little. A luxury customized experience.

Discover some destinations in France you might never have gone to. Go blind with In Luxe Travel France Luxury Bespoke Holidays in France specialist