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When we talk about France, Paris with its golden stone facades and famous monuments is always on the podium of the most attractive cities, as well as Nice or Marseille. There is no doubt that there are many discoveries to be made in lesser-known and equally attractive cities like Lille and its Flemish roots, or Nîmes and its Roman history. As you move around famous cities, you can spend a lot of time losing yourself in its rich heritage without making the most of your visit and missing out on hidden gems. Our excellent guides take you to known and unknown places worth spending some of your time there, offering a rich historical past, enviable contemporary developments, unmatched style and spirit, or celebrating the simple joys of good food and good wine.

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Blind Journey

Explore new places in France you might never have gone to. The itinerary is kept secret until you arrive in France and is revealed little by little. A luxury customized experience.

Discover some destinations in France you might never have gone to. Go blind with In Luxe Travel France Luxury Bespoke Holidays in France specialist