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Travel back in time through the rich history of France and explore French heritage, from the largest cities to the smallest parts of the country, in the company of our historians. Visit Arles, the most important city of the last Roman Empire, nicknamed the “little Rome of the Gauls”; the important remains of fortifications of the most famous of French military engineers, the Marquis de Vauban, twelve of which are inscribed on the World Heritage list of Unesco or even the immense palaces and castles, parks and gardens of the royal families of France, but with the eyes of an expert! Visit in private the art collections of the innumerable museums of France, enter the intimacy of the great names of French literature – Victor Hugo, Honoré de Balzac, Alexandre Dumas, Claude Monet, and in the places of residence of the great figures of the French scientific or political world such as Clemenceau with our lecturers. Make the most from your cultural holidays in France with our specialists.

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Blind Journey

Explore new places in France you might never have gone to. The itinerary is kept secret until you arrive in France and is revealed little by little. A luxury customized experience.

Discover some destinations in France you might never have gone to. Go blind with In Luxe Travel France Luxury Bespoke Holidays in France specialist