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From Bordeaux, the Loire Valley, Burgundy or Alsace, Champagne or Cognac, we invite you to discover all the diversity and richness of French wines and spirits.
Throughout the vine-to-glass journey, you will learn to distinguish between a variety of different local wines, the delicacy and subtlety of fine wines and world-famous spirits, and meet talented young winemakers. With these professionals, you will be introduced to the art of wine tasting which will become more transparent to you.
To discover the work of the winemaker from the inside and to deepen his knowledge of the winemaking process and tasting methods, we offer you the chance to live an unforgettable experience by participating in the harvest and the elaboration of famous nectars. You will better understand a process which is a combination of old knowledge and latest technology.
During a dinner in the heart of the famous castles, you will enrich your knowledge of ancestral history while savoring the perfect blend of wine and fine cuisine.
Traveling in France is necessarily also going on a gourmet trip. With more than 640 Michelin-starred restaurants, France has something to thrill your taste buds! We offer culinary experiences with personalities who are today the masters of the culinary art in France. During our masterclass, you will follow them in their gastronomic universe which is revealed through unique places. From vegetable gardens to aromatic gardens, the chefs will teach you how the seasonnal products of nature dictate their recipes and ultimately tell one and the same story: that of our ancestors. Learning to cook with our chefs means paying homage to nature and its beauties; it is like writing a poem about all the species of herbs, vegetables and wild plants that grow there in harmony.
Spending time and learning from passionate winegrowers and Chefs, in privileged conditions, during one day or one week, during a unique oenological and culinary journey in France is a not-to-be-missed experience of the French art de vivre at its peak, to live without moderation.

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