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Go on a cruise by catamaran, sailboat, yacht, for a weekend or a week, on the magnificent coasts and rivers of France. Discover the Côte d’Azur, a must for cruising. Enjoy the breathtaking panoramas and the unspoiled islands of the “Big Blue”. Drop anchor in a cove inaccessible by road; bathe in its crystal clear waters and wake up every morning in a serene atmosphere. Admire the many species of marine mammals at the Pelagos Sanctuary and the splendors of Corsica, a dream destination for lovers of the sea. Hoist sails in Brittany, towards archipelagos preserved from visual and noise pollution, to discover the islands of Chausey, Cancale or Glénan, or take the canals and rivers of France and admire spectacular landscapes far from the crowds. Stop anytime to relax, head to the local markets, savor fine French wines and delicious local cuisine. Explore at your own pace Burgundy, Lot, Brittany and a multitude of other regions of France. Navigate at the foot of magical castles, picturesque villages. Rent a canoe or a kayak, swim in the crystal clear waters of our rivers. We have carefully chosen a range of boats with quality cabins and can help you choose the best cruise vacations in France.

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Blind Journey

Explore new places in France you might never have gone to. The itinerary is kept secret until you arrive in France and is revealed little by little. A luxury customized experience.

Discover some destinations in France you might never have gone to. Go blind with In Luxe Travel France Luxury Bespoke Holidays in France specialist